Andrew Winston Nelen was born on a rainy day in 1983 in Decauterville, Tennessee. His mother, who had been told Nelen was going to be a girl, was originally going to name him Tabitha.

Now, a man and frisbee gypsy, Nelen is at the helm of UF Men’s B-team. A Rhodes scholar and fifth-grade class president, Nelen is one hole-punch on his Cafe Risque rewards card away from a free ham sandwich.

Off the field, Nelen is a humble man, and gentle lover of three guinea pigs.

“The Iroquois believed guinea pigs to be direct descendants of the spirit responsible for fire,”

Nelen said.

“Roll tide.”

Nelen believes the keys to success on the field are short, quick swings and dumps, and taking care of your feet.

“There’s nothing more rewarding then seeing this team of noobs passing that disc around like a friendly doobie,”

Nelen said.

“Except for the moisturizing power of Aveeno Active Naturals hand lotion. My feet are as smooth as Brian Palmer’s butt.”

**Not a real bio of Andrew Nelen


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