Born from the decomposition of a hidden body in Ocala National Forest, Will Ford was six feet tall before he could count that high, which was some time during the eighth grade.

Will first played ultimate with his tree-people friends in the outlying hills of the Appalachian Mountains. He developed his flick huck by kidnapping hikers and skipping their skulls across Watauga Lake.

On the field, Will is a fearless leader who encourages his team with such pleasantries as “why would you throw that?” and “for the love of God, please just do your job.”

“I believe in the idea of leading by example,”

Will said.

“That doesn’t help when you are leading a bunch of blind rookie noobs.”

Will’s hobbies include showing up to practice late and creating Excel spreadsheets. When applying sun block, Will hires a team of freshmen to thoroughly work the lotion up and down his legs.

“They are as long as the coast of Maine,”

Will said.

“Without my legs, this team would fall apart.”

Andrew Nelen, head coach of Floridb, said there are lots of times he relies on Will, and the captain always comes through.

“I really hate carrying that stupid disc bag with the cones,”

Nelen said.

“Thank God Will just does whatever I tell him.”

Will said his secret to success as a leader lies within his ability to delegate.

“Nelen thinks I do all this stuff he tells me to when in reality I just make Eliy do it.”


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