The Coach’s Corner is a segment of the Floridb Ultimate blog where we sit down with our coach Andrew Nelen and discuss the fundamentals and strategies behind ultimate. 

(Floridb Staff): For today’s Coach’s Corner, we wanted to talk about a favorite cut in the Floridb arsenal. First, can you describe the play?

(Nelen): A handler has the disc and his dump is on the force side. The handler looks to the dump to initiate the cut: the dump beats his man up-line to the break side and receives the disc.

When is a good time to do use this?

Never. You should literally never do this.

Can you use this in both horizontal and vertical stacks?

There is no situation where this is the smart move, why is this a thing that you guys keep trying?

Is this a good end-zone play?

No one on this team has the skill or ability to make this play work at any point on the field.

What should the cutting handler look to do if he receives the disc?

Call injury, you may or may not have suffered a concussion. Either way, I don’t care, if you think this is a good move I don’t want you on the field.

What strengths in a team make this a good option to look for?

The only time I’ve ever seen this happen is either when a scrub is in the handler space or Bryan Palmer thinks he can throw lefty backhands.

Closing points?

If you make this cut and your other handler turns it on a bad I-O throw or crappy attempt to put it over the mark, I will slash both of your tires and you will walk home.

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**Not an actual interview with Andrew Nelen


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