Today, we have Floridb Ultimate’s coach Andrew Nelen* and Floridb rookie Eric Heubusch* to talk about one of the most dynamic throws in ultimate: the hammer.

First things first: what’s a hammer?

Nelen: A hammer is essentially an upside0down flick. To throw a hammer, the thrower holds the disc with his flick grip, and reaches over his head to release it. The throw initially goes left but hooks back right.

Eric: It’s awesome!

Nelen: Why is Eric a part of this interview?

When would you throw a hammer?

Nelen: Generally, if you’re right-handed and you are trapped on the right side of the field. Against a zone defense, you can use a hammer if a receiver is open on the left side in the wing space. Sometimes, in the end zone it’s possible for more skilled throwers and receivers to use it similarly.

Eric: Whenever possible!

Nelen: No, don’t listen to him, the only reason he’s on the team is because we can’t turn anyone away.

What’s the best way to catch a hammer?

Nelen: You should catch everything with two hands whenever possible. If you need to pancake it, you need to get your right hand over the top of the disc, which can sometimes be awkward given then angle.

Eric: Rip it out of the sky!

Nelen: Yeah, all 5’5” of you go up and snag it.

How do you read a hammer?

Nelen: For a right-handed thrower, the disc will be thrown out to the left and cut back to the right. The more vertical the throw disc is when thrown, the faster it’s going to come down.

Eric: Just stick your hands out, I’ll hit them every time!

Nelen: Eric, please.

Check back to Floridb Ultimate for more tips and strategies to improve your ultimate performance. 

**Not an actual interview


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