Nutrition and exercise are the key to living a healthy lifestyle. In ultimate, a physically demanding activity, maintaining that health is crucial.

In the week prior to a tournament, it’s important to prepare the body for its future physical output. Dr. Lance Riley said that in the days prior to a tournament, eating a high-carb diet is essential, and suggests eating as many donuts as possible.

“Your body stores energy for later use in the form of fat,”

Riley said.

“The more fat you have, the more time you’ll spend on the field crushing and not hankered over, winded beyond belief.”


Dr. Lance Riley is probably an expert in stuff and loves Floridb Ultimate.

It’s no secret that hydration at tournaments is a key to making a deep run into the weekend. Riley said that a great idea would be to bring a large cooler full of ice to keep your drinks at a cooler temperature.

“I would recommend Bud Light Lime*,”

Riley said.

“Citrus is good for the immune system.”



Just as important as pre-tournament is post tournament, Riley said.

“The human body is depleted from that kind of physical stress and needs to replenish,”

Riley said.

“Chicken is a great source for protein, and to maximize calories, it’s best to have it breaded and fried.”


“In the words of the late, great Col. Sanders: I’m too drunk to taste this chicken!” – Ricky Bobby

While keeping a sharp mind and strategic mindset, the elite players set themselves apart from the crowd with their athleticism. If you want to reach that next level of ultimate, Riley said, these tips will help maintain the body you need to succeed.

*for those of age and with great taste


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