Dear teammate,

I know you may be a very nice person off the field. I know you may be unsure at times on the field.

But you need to make that call.

That guy’s foot was totally out of bounds. The disc definitely hit the ground before he caught it. His hand completely hit yours before you got to the disc.

You NEED to call it.

Don’t you see that we’ll keep possession if you call the foul? We can get a break if you call them out of bounds! 

At Floridb, we look to those who paved the way for us for inspiration in call-making. What would Brodie do? Just imagine you’re Cole, and they’re Carelton. Now that story has a happy ending!

In no way am I suggesting you make bad calls to gain an advantage. But, if your teammates on the field say to call it, if your coach is screaming from the sideline, you need to set your feelings aside and pull the trigger.

Your grandma will never have to know. You can still put “nice” and “compassionate” on your dating profile bios. But, if you don’t show a backbone, we will throw hospital pass after hospital pass to you until someone breaks yours.

At the end of the day, you were fouled. In practice, in exhibition, in league or in tournaments, a foul is a foul unless you don’t have the nerve to call it. We’re counting on you to call it.


Everyone else on your team


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