For someone new to ultimate, all of the phrases shouted at a game can be overwhelming. While most of them are words almost everyone is familiar with, it may be hard to understand the context. Today, we talk about what it means to be “chilly” on the ultimate field.

Chilly (adj.):

  1. To be in a state of chill
  2. Take your time
  3. Please, for the love of all things good, don’t throw something stupid

On the field, you may hear “chilly” called when someone makes a sweet grab and has the disc. In these situations, a player’s adrenaline is pumping, and they often force something instead of taking their time.

Most of the time, especially on Floridb Ultimate, “chilly” is called when one or two players who make notoriously bad decisions often get the disc. It is a friendly way for the their captains or coaches to warn them that they will be benched if they try to make throws above their skill level, as seen below.

“Chilly” also might be called after two teams continuously turn the disc over to one another on poor hucks or other bad decisions. A player may attempt to persuade his teammates into holstering throws by yelling “chilly,” but usually to no avail.

Most of all, “chilly” is yelled by those so new to the game or inexperienced in ultimate that they repeat it whenever they hear it called. So, next time you’re at an ultimate game, go ahead and yell it every time you get the disc, and other people who know as little as you will chime right in.


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