In an offseason that included signing offensive weapons Brodie Smith and Jakeem Polk, the Jacksonville Cannons are looking to emerge from the South as possible American Ultimate Disc League championship contenders. The flow of the team’s first practices with its new acquisitions, however, didn’t seem quite right.

“Our timing was off, even to the hammer space,”

said Smith, a five-year veteran of the league.

“And we all know that’s where I want it.”

A Youtube superstar, Amazing Race contestant and University of Florida alum, Smith spent a lot of time contemplating how to ease in with his new cutters. Then, genius struck.

“I went to the nearest Home Depot and bought as many trash cans as I could,”

Smith said.

“Everything immediately clicked.”

Smith returned to practice with the trash cans and passed them out to his teammates. Although puzzled at first, it took only one cut to the deep space by Polk to realize the difference.

“At first, Brodie’s throws were either lasers or too floaty,”

Polk said.

“But then, when I ran with the trash can, he drained it in stride.”

In retrospect, Smith couldn’t believe that he hadn’t thought of this idea sooner. He said seeing the trash cans cutting under and shifting around the field made him nostalgic.

Some of Brodie’s early videos included trick shots into trash cans. 

“After one throw to Jakeem, I turned around to say ‘like and subscribe’ to the camera,”

Smith said.

“But there was no camera. Very meta, am I right?”

While the Cannons won’t be playing with trashcans in their season debut against the Nashville Nightwatch, Smith believes that by that time he will have correlated everyone’s faces to their respective waste bins.

“We will crush, and then go to Wendy’s* for some #freshneverfrozen grub.”

Floridb is not endorsed by Wendy’s nor is Floridb receiving any compensation for plugging its products, but is very open to both ideas.


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